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It can be difficult gaining courage to press past physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational impacts of a life-threatening diagnosis. These traumatic situations can often challenge our belief in God’s divine healing power. This is my testimony of how God led me through stage two breast cancer. A transformational story of trauma and triumph that presented opportunities to renew faith and find new life in Him. Through my healing journey, discover how to take dominion in Christ over everything that has ever tried to destroy you or the ones you love.

“How we deal with traumatic situations, will determine whether they will affect our ability to overcome them and live our best lives.” - Yvette Bell, A Paradigm Shift Coaching

When facing challenging situations, we find ourselves dealing with other accompanying issues that impact the healing process. In this book you will learn how to gain victory over challenges that may arise. Those facing trauma or individuals seeking to learn how to assist others to overcome will:

  • Learn how Christ views sickness and what His will is for us.
  • View trauma as an opportunity to gain newness of life in Christ Jesus.
  • Identify misplaced words spoken and learn how to avoid them making a negative impact.
  • Become the expert of your life story and share it without fear as a ministry moment that will help others overcome.

“Yvette Bell’s journey will encourage you to continue in your press. As she shares her story of victory and overcoming that which was designed to steal her joy, your faith will be increased, and you will come to a better understanding that with God all things are possible.” - Pastor Shavon Smith, Shavon Smith Ministries


Yvette Bell is a certified John Maxwell Global Team Member, International Speaker, and Transitional Life Coach with over 25 years of leadership experience. ​She is the founder of the Kingdom Authority Prayer Conference and A Paradigm Shift Coaching. Her first book is entitled, “A Paradigm Shift, In the Presence of the Lord”. Yvette has dedicated her life to volunteering and leading with passion in social justice issues and teaching others how to represent the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.


Look Up and Live! Taking Dominion Over Diagnosis

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