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"Every day is a good day for a "Paradigm Shift!"

Meet Your Change Agent 

John Maxwell Certified Team Member, Published Author, International Speaker, Certified Transitional Leadership Coach

With over 25 years of leadership experience, Yvette Bell has dedicated her life to empowering women who want to transition out of old paradigms.  As a 2014 certified Expert Rating Life Coach, she is committed to supporting others in building collaborative relationships that produce rapid, strategic outcomes for personal and career goals.


With a unwavering commitment to transformational leadership, Yvette is excited about the opportunity to assist you in moving your goals from vision into reality.


She has traveled the United States and Zambia to assist individuals, non-profits, religious institutions and governments to build capacity and create paradigm shifts in outdated systems.  

Yvette has received numerous awards and recognitions for her leadership. As a former two term governor appointee with the New Mexico Office of African American Affairs, 10 year State Commissioner with the New Mexico Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission, 13 year upper management leader with the YMCA of Central New Mexico and 5 year YMCA of the USA diversity and inclusion change agent, Yvette is positioned to assist individuals and institutions.

She has dedicated her life to volunteering and leading with passion in social justice issues and teaching others how to represent the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.  The SteelBridge women’s rescue mission, New Mexico Birthing Coalition, March of Dimes, Con Alma Health Foundation and Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico Voices for Children are a few organizations she has served. Yvette is currently employed as the Partnerships Manager with Prison Fellowship Opportunity Kids Urban Initiative.


As wife, mother and all out lover of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yvette believes "NO ONE" is obligated to remain in the status quo's others place them in.  Everyone, when given proper support and resources, can shift to live out their full potential. 

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