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Fail Forward Into Purpose

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Have you ever wondered if you would be able to bounce back after making a major miscalculation or tremendous lack of judgement.

In today's world, we tend not to show much grace toward each other. Especially in the event, by our definition, there is a failure that has occurred. But, what if we were able to change the paradigm of how we experience failures? What if there were unique opportunities within each moment to fulfill our purpose and assist others to do the same?

A Changed Perspective

Failure is often deemed as a "no win" scenario, in which there is no come back.

If we do not meet perceived expectations set for us, by others or ourselves, many assign failure not only to the situation at hand, but to a persons entire life. As if there is no opportunity to correct a course of action, change mindsets or discover new ways to accomplish goals. Could it be that the first way of trying a thing was only one out of fifty different pathways to reach a desired outcome?

Assess and Move Forward

Life is full of teachable moments, opportunities to enhance our character and abilities. If we transition the way we look at and talk about the things we did not succeed at, we can bounce back faster. Holding dear to this mindset will help us "LEARN" to assess every situation and discover growth hiding in the midst of each mistake. Within the contents of every mishap, is a chance to gain the greatest of life's lessons, EXPERIENCE! And experience will assist us in holding on to the manifested hope that we can live out our lives purpose.

Finding Purpose in Failure

Tell your story!

In each lived experience is an opportunity to discover new knowledge, skills and purpose. If we take the time to fully assess and transition the mindset, there is a new initiative, creative and innovative discoveries, as well as increased networks within each experience. The human experience is one that will continue to encounter success and failures. As long as we live in this earth, there will always be a need to understand how to conquer challenges. Everyone of us has a story to tell that can help others to value themselves and what they are learning. Our stories are important and unique, they help us and others fail forward into purpose. So be bold, be courageous and be proud to tell your story!

Stay Inspired

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