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Meet the Founder

John Maxwell International Team Member, Published Author, International Speaker, Certified Transitional Leadership Coach, Ministry Leader

With over 30 years of leadership experience, Yvette Bell has dedicated her life to empowering domestic and international non-profits, religious institutions and governments to transition out of old paradigms. 

Holding to an unwavering commitment to transformational leadership, Yvette is excited about the opportunity to assist you in moving your goals from vision to reality. 

As a certified Expert Rating Life Coach, she is committed to supporting others in building collaborative relationships that produce rapid and sustainable strategic outcomes.


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"A very professional and determined person. I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Yvette Bell last year, she presented during my 1st Broken But Beautifully Made Women’s Empowerment Conference. As we worked together on her topic for the conference, she delivered and exceeded my expectations the day of the event. Yvette is a very organized, respectful, caring, direct and dedicated person and will help you with your goals. 

Clarice May Cregger


Broken But Beautifully Made

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

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"LISTEN when God ordains something He does it above all that you could ever ask or think! When I listened to her story and who God has already established her to be, I was beyond humbled and honored. This chic (Woman of God) is tough in her lane and her call. She has challenged me and called me up to higher heights in the Kingdom standard. I thank God for you Yvette Bell and your willingness to be transparent and unapologetically Anointed! You have called me up out of the CAVE and I will always honor and love you for it." 

Katria Bell

CEO/Founder, Gods Butterflies

Senior Pastor, Ignite Church

Tulsa, Oklahoma 


Not even distance could stop her role in my life. She came to our church in my city (Lusaka, Zambia) and I knew I had to connect. We started to communicate online on all available platforms. A deliverer of truth with so much grace. She reminded me of my God given purpose and potential. She walked with me and helped me process what I could not by myself. She saw where I was, but also saw where I needed to go and she never gave up on that. I walk in my purpose TODAY because she was present and supportive in my journey. My well being came first to her. Such a gift to the world.

Mwambi Kasakwa

Legal Manager 

IHS Zambia Limited

Lusaka, Zambia

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